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Delivering Sustainable Water Solutions In Africa

This month we feature a case study with a difference. We are delighted to be working with Digital Trading Ltd, a local web development agency that has asked us to find twelve people for their expanding Wiltshire HQ. The roles include project management, team leaders, .net web developers, UX/UI designers, block chain architects and other IT support roles and we are well underway with this project with suitable candidates being interviewed this week.

One of their exciting projects involves the provision of mobile and cloud applications for Africa Water Enterprises in order to bring sustainable clean water systems to remote African villages. Africa Water Enterprises repairs existing water systems and installs eWATERpay, an innovative new technology using Near Field Communication contactless pay and mobile money to allow people to buy affordable and clean water.

Local residents can earn commission by becoming eWATER sellers and people without a smart phone can purchase eWATERcredit from them by simply touching an eWATERtag to the seller's phone. These eWATERtags can then be used to operate the tap and the amount of water taken is recorded and deducted. Usage data is shared with government water departments and also technicians can be paid electronically where repairs are needed.

This solution is efficient, cost-effective and ensures an affordable, fair and sustainable clean water supply for all and we are delighted to be involved in such an exciting project.

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