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Finding a job is a job in itself

Well you need to treat it like this and Network.
You know the story of the guy that went round with a bill board stating that he was looking for a job and found one! It really does work.

Who do you know?

Think of friends, former colleagues, spouses, siblings, accountants, lawyers, business contacts – anyone who may know something about the target organisation or field you want to work in – especially something that may give you the edge. This can then be used at a later date in an interview and point you in the right direction of companies that are (and equally will not) be suitable for you.


Research the companies that you are interested in by reading the recruiting literature sent to the Job Centre or by writing to the organisations for information. Check a copy of the job description. Research the company on the Internet
Prepare for the interview by knowing what you want to communicate about yourself, what you want to learn about the organisation, and which questions are appropriate.


Schedule a mock interview to polish your interviewing skills.
Attend the Autumn and Spring job fairs to seek information from participating employers. Your initial contact could lead to an interview. Check with the Job Centre and local press (Swindon Business News, Websites) for details.


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