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Wanted - Sales "Ninja", Must Be A Proven Sales Machine!

It's almost impossible to read an advert for a business development executive or sales role without coming across some rather familiar adjectives and phrases including: "must be", "self-starter", "over-achieving", "driven", "motivated", "competitive", "experienced", "pro-active", "persuasive", "excellent communication skills" etc etc.

Now we do understand that most sales executive roles carry a performance target in terms of sales revenue that the successful candidate is expected to meet or ideally exceed. The language used is deliberately active and hard hitting - designed to attract individuals with "alpha" tendencies who will "get the order" and win the business at all costs!

However, an advert consisting entirely of these clichés is not going to stand out from thousands of other similarly worded adverts. There is also a view that the language used may be more appealing to the male candidate and may actually be off putting to some ideal female candidates.

Moreover, most business development roles are not simply about "flogging the product" once to one company and then moving on to find their next victim (!) but are actually about building trust and creating an ongoing relationship between a supplier and a new company to their mutual benefit. A large part of the sales role is problem solving and using empathy or, at the very least, having the emotional intelligence so that the sales person can place themselves in the position of the potential customer in order to help solve their problems, save them money, or create a new income stream.

In our experience, many women outperform their male counterparts in these roles. Whilst this is clearly a generalisation, some sales women's communication skills are better and many women prepare for client meetings in far more detail than their male counterparts, who perhaps rely too often on their natural abilities to think on their feet.

However, the point of this mildly controversial generalisation is that if the language of the job advert doesn't really appeal to the person with the best skillset AND is off-putting to 50% of the better candidates then the job advert is not really serving its purpose! So you really need to think carefully about the connotations and resonance of each word used in your job advert to ensure the ideal candidates applies.

Fortunately, at Jackie Kerr Recruitment, we take the time and trouble to really understand the role that your organisation is looking for. We then look at our candidate database and talk to our headhunting team as your perfect candidate may well be looking for a move from their current position. We then understand the type of person that you are looking for not just in terms of the role but also in terms of the culture of the organisation and then we find a great solution that suits both parties, ideally for years to come and providing a career path and development opportunities that benefits everyone.

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