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Recruiting In The Engineering Sector

Although we cover finance, HR, legal, and sales & marketing roles at Jackie Kerr Recruitment, we have also made a name for ourselves in the engineering sector. This is a highly technical area and over many years we have become well versed in PCB Assembly, CAD/CAM and CNC machinery, Composite Design, advanced product creation and even thermal mechanics to name just a few of the recent opportunities in this sector.

Being based in Wiltshire means we are surrounded by engineering companies who need qualified engineers for R&D projects, Design Engineering, Project Engineering (also called Construction Management) and Process Engineering opportunities.

However, this enterprising sector has been benefiting from close to full employment. Whilst graduate intake delivers an annual stream of candidates with qualifications, there is a great difference between knowledge and experience and there is a great demand for qualified engineers with over two years' experience of the workplace.

This means that the majority of vacancies are aimed at candidates who are already working for someone else and may not actively be "on the market" for a new opportunity.

Fortunately, this is where we excel!

From automotive and aerospace, chemical and communications, electrical and electronics, manufacturing and materials to structural, technical and water, we have head hunted, interviewed and placed great engineering candidates to some really top notch companies so far. More importantly, our engineering team keeps in regular touch with our candidates in this sector, monitoring their career paths and seeing if any are looking to take on a new challenge, perhaps in a new organisation…

Does your company have a healthy talent pool with a proper succession plan that is guaranteed to keep you out of any short-term mishaps and help grow your organisation?

All engineering organisations should be talking to our specialists at Jackie Kerr Recruitment.

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