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How To Make A Success Of Your Temporary Position

The UK is seeing a huge growth in SMEs and temporary positions are the lifeblood of any fast-moving economy. They allow companies to take on temporary staff to cope with shifting demand for their products and services. The results for the organisation from a successful temporary placement are often increased productivity and profits at less perceived risk than a permanent hire.

So what makes a successful temp? Many temps enjoy the flexibility and novelty of working on short term contracts at one company and then seeing how the grass is greener somewhere else. It can be a great learning experience and drive up confidence as the temp acquires new skills and realises that they can make a difference in many different environments. Equally, many temps would like to become permanent if offered the right position in the right company at the right time.

So how does the employer get the best out of their temp? Easy, treat them as though they are a permanent member of staff. Few people enjoy simply "doing a 9 to 5 day" and then leaving it all behind. Most look for value and personal satisfaction in doing a job well and being involved in a collaborative process.

The required attributes of a temporary employee are the same as a permanent member of the team in that they need to be reliable, they need to be a team player, they need to show initiative on occasion, and, ideally, make themselves indispensable. The right attitude and work ethic can open doors that were previously closed.

However, to achieve these goals, they also need proper support from the employer. This starts with open and honest communication about whether the position could turn permanent in the future or whether they have a realistic chance of being personally requested for the next temporary opportunity. Similarly, a team dynamic should be created that involves the temporary staff in meetings and social events. Ideally it proves to be a successful audition and trial run of a brand new position or the acquisition of a brilliant new member of the team.

Finally, as part of corporate social responsibility, employers should be proud that their temporary programmes offer employment and genuine career development opportunities to temporary staff that increase their skill set whether or not these positions eventually become permanent.

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