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Behind The Scenes With Kirsty Bain

Behind The Scenes With Kirsty Bain

This month we are delighted to feature the many talents of Kirsty Bain, our professional and highly experienced Principal Resourcer at Jackie Kerr Recruitment. One of the attractions of this role is that you are not simply looking to fill a vacancy. Whilst you are matching candidates with available opportunities in the short term, the longer term view of the role is to get to know all of our candidates well and to understand their future aspirations.

As part of the executive search team, Kirsty works closely with our recruiters, who clearly understand our client requirements so she can suggest potential candidates who are currently working elsewhere but may be tempted to jump ship for the right opportunity.

Kirsty works across many sectors including:

  • Marketing and Sales
    • Account Management, Business Development, Sales Engineer
  • Financial
    • Accounting, Bookkeeping, Credit Control
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
    • CNC, Industrial, Mechanical, Electronics
  • Customer Service and Administration

With a two and a half year old, it is less easy for Kirsty to find the time for her hobbies but one of her main interests outside work is fashion. Kirsty graduated from Bournemouth University with an Honours Degree in Fashion Design and Textiles and one of the highlights of her course was presenting her own collection to her peers at their annual fashion show.

If you are looking to headhunt the best talent, Kirsty probably already knows them, so call us for a chat on 01793 762026 or email Jackie and her team at:


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