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It's A Jungle Out There For Headhunters

The world of executive search or "headhunting" as it is often called is rather different. Typically, these roles are more senior or more highly specialised. The "job description" is only the pre-requisite and NOT the desired outcome. In fact, the suitability of the candidate will be measured in how likely they are to turn round a difficult situation, such as achieving massive growth in a key area, creating a brand new revenue stream, rebuilding a department or taking the company public for example!

In other words, there is not usually a simple formula that enables a round shaped piece simply to be fitted into a round shaped hole. In executive search you are not looking to fill a vacancy but to find highly talented individuals who can lead an organisation through a significant period of change.

In this area of recruitment, there is a major problem. Nine times out of ten, these key individuals are already working for someone else! Ambitious, highly skilled and talented people are great at getting on with the task in hand. Contrary to popular opinion, they are NOT always searching for new roles in their marketplace.

With Jackie Kerr Recruitment's extensive executive candidate database, we know where these people are. We know their career plans, their unfulfilled ambitions, and the types of exciting and challenging roles that could tempt them away from their current appointment.

Therefore, one of our key skills at Jackie Kerr Recruitment is to sell the benefits of moving to the new opportunity to individuals who otherwise may appear happy and content with their current role. We help our clients to structure and develop the position and opportunity within their organisation to have maximum appeal to their target key employee AND then sell this opportunity to people who can make a feel difference to our client's business.

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