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How To Make Your Company More Attractive

We all want to attract the best talent to our organisations so it's important to make your company as attractive as possible.

One of the main areas to concentrate on is employee relations. Employees are looking for a decent salary, consistently good staff/employer communication, respect and also recognised for their contribution. Making your company more attractive to employees will help you hire higher-performing employees who increase productivity and sales and allow your company to grow. Depending on the current position, this may require only a few small changes or, in the worst cases, an overhaul of your company's policies and possibly the culture.

  1. When creating job descriptions, explain how employees can be promoted in the company. Present a career opportunity rather than a job.
  2. Try to create benefits and salary packages that meet or exceed industry standards. You are in competition to attract the best people and, at the outset of discussions, the salary and benefits is their key measuring system! At the very least, offer health insurance, good vacation time, and ongoing training opportunities.
  3. Most people who resign from their job are leaving their line manager and not "the company" so great communications between managers and employees is vital. High-performing employees will look for companies that embrace a great communication culture and embrace regular exchanges of ideas.
  4. How attractive is the company's culture? Positivity and growth is far more attractive than pressure, blame and stress. You must start by instilling an attitude of respect for each other. Constructive criticism should be couched in positive acknowledgements of an employee's strength when helping them develop new skills or correct any weaknesses.
  5. Employee empowerment is probably the second most attractive characteristic of an attractive business. Most talented people believe they could start their own business (which is not the same as actually doing it!) and therefore if you give them opportunities to move your business forward and make a difference, they will feel rewarded. Give them the freedom and flexibility to work and avoid micromanagement. Show them HOW their work contributes to the success of the organisation.
  6. Hold regular meetings with employees to present corporate progress and employee performance. Show where the organisation's goals are and how they match to the Key Performance Indicators of the individual. If everyone's on-track, recognise and reward the individual's contributions.
  7. Deal with problems immediately. If there is a problem in the workplace, take care of it as soon as possible and don't let an employee's concerns linger.
  8. Hold social events with partners invited so their "other halves" can see the work and the environment and can better support each other at home.
  9. Assess the managers. Forward thinking companies encourage staff to assess their managers and, with perhaps a few exceptions, most staff take this extremely seriously and responsibly.
  10. Consider the working environment. You don't have to be a Google or a Microsoft to consider chill out rooms, ping pong tables, blue sky thinking spaces, home working, and spending money on training and development.

Making your company more attractive is an INVESTMENT not a cost as higher-performing employees will increase your productivity and your sales and help your company to soar.

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