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Why It's Usually A Mistake To Advertise

Following on from last month's article about why you need a Headhunter, we are highlighting a potential mistake that a lot of organisations are still making.

Intuitively, advertising a vacancy in your organisation seems like a good idea. Seems even better if you can spin a story of growth, new opportunity, and expansion into the advert but are you sure that it says the right things about your brand? Remember that your true brand isn't simply a great name, a snazzy logo, a witty strapline and a gorgeous website.

Your brand is actually a reflection of what you DO. In the these days of ratings, from TripAdvisor to Checkatrade etc, 24 hour news and the relentless commentary on social media, your brand is more important than ever. You only have to look at recent airline overbooking stories to see how an industry's poor attitude to its paying customers has caused a huge amount of damage to a number of companies' reputations.

If your recruitment drive is perceived as replacing people that you have lost, then your reputation, however unfairly, will suffer. If an excellent recruitment agency recruits for you, your name will not be splashed all over the internet.

There is a second challenge - where do you advertise? There are hundreds of tools and services out there aimed to help fill your vacancy. From the categories of Job Boards, aggregators, to social media, to sponsored advertising, to RPOs etc etc, so which technique(s) will you choose? Once you have chosen the appropriate techniques, do you know which providers of these techniques are really great and which ones are really poor?

In conclusion, are you really the best person to decide on the most effective combination of advertising media and technology for recruitment, and to implement the best procedures to ensure your job vacancy is filled efficiently, cost-effectively, and with no negative impact on your reputation? Or is your time better spent continuing to do what you already do well and allowing Jackie Kerr Recruitment to do what we do best and for your benefit?

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