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Why Our After Care Service Is So Important!

So the job of a recruitment agent is to fill a vacancy and then wait around until the candidate's probation period has ended so they can chase up their commission payments?


In reality, just because a candidate has accepted an offer, and even started working at the new organisation, other recruitment consultants will still be sending other job opportunities across in the hope that they can tempt him away.

In fact, the first few months in a new organisation are potentially a minefield for the new starter. Did they make the right decision to move? Do they like their work colleagues? And, most importantly, can they work successfully with their new line manager? Have they had to relocate and are they starting to build a social life in the new area? How is their family feeling about the move? Is the grass actually greener where they were before or will it appear greener somewhere else?

It's inevitable that some of these questions may crop up in the first few months after a new candidate has accepted their new position and therefore, at Jackie Kerr Recruitment, we provide our After Care Service to keep in touch with newly placed candidates and hand-hold them during their transition.

Because we already have a close relationship with the candidate and they will already see us as "on their side", they are more likely to open up and discuss any concerns with us. They may not be comfortable sharing their concerns with their new management as they will want to maintain a confident and positive image. Unfortunately, if these concerns are not addressed, the candidate will leave - often giving a different excuse for their departure.

However, with our 90 Day After Care Service, we will discover any concerns from our out-of-hours meetings and diplomatically bring these to the organisation's attention as required.

We are delighted to note that we have a 98% candidate retention rate where clients have used our 90 Day After Care Service - so we know it makes all the difference!

For a recruitment consultancy, who really care about your ongoing success...

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