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One of our clients is a privately-owned logistics and distribution company based near Bristol. We were delighted to discover that they have just won a substantial new order from a company in France. They rang us for help and we quickly ascertained that they would need a number of temporary staff to help over the next three months.

We arranged to visit and identified that they needed 10 qualified and competent temps to fulfil their new overseas client's requirements.

Our Large Bank Of Candidates

Because we maintain our large bank of candidates and keep in regular touch with all our relevant contacts, we were able to satisfy this requirement very swiftly. We agreed to stagger the start dates for the temps so our client was able to fit in a new employee project training schedule around all of their other delivery tasks.

First Four Temps Placed Within A Few Days

Within days of receiving the instruction to proceed, we whittled down our candidates and found the first four people who were both ideal and also available to start that week. We had a little more time to select the remaining six people and we're delighted to announce that we have now completed this process and the remaining six temps have been scheduled to start over the next four weeks.

To say our client was "over the moon" is an understatement!

Although she's used us before and knows that we deliver, she was really impressed with both the speed of our response and the quality and previous experience of the temporary staff that we have "on tap". We are especially pleased because, as she had confidence in our support, she was able to bid for a bigger piece of business than usual in the full knowledge that if her company won this new business opportunity, she would be able to fulfil their order.

At Jackie Kerr Recruitment, our job satisfaction is not only derived from placing people into positions but actually from the fact that we help companies grow their businesses and enable our entrepreneurial clients to take calculated business risks, knowing we are on hand to support them.

Are you looking to attract talented individuals who will help grow your business?

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