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10 Recruitment Mistakes You MUST Avoid!

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In today's employment climate, recruitment is highly competitive. If you've met a candidate that you would like to employ, you can guarantee that he or she will receive other offers from other employers...

So how do you ensure that the top talent accept YOUR job offer?

By avoiding many of the most typical mistakes, you improve the position of your organisation and staff in the mind of the candidate. As human beings, all decisions we take are emotional (especially those "logical" ones!) and therefore establishing a positive connection to the candidate will often put you ahead of the game.

Here are a few of the typical RECRUITMENT MISTAKES that your competitors are making...

1) Not Ringing The Candidate Prior To The Interview

Not only does this action give you another chance to assess your choice but you are immediately establishing your interest in the individual coming to see you. Already, you could be ahead of the game before the interview even takes place!

2) Advertising job vacancies on LinkedIn

Advertising for jobs is a potential own goal in your branding  - are you one of those companies who always has vacancies that they can never fill for very long? What does that say about working for you? You want people to know your business is growing but maybe you want them to think that candidates seek you out rather than you are still looking but not finding the right people…

3) Not preparing for the interview

How would you feel if a candidate turned up without doing any preparation for their interview, knew nothing about your company, services, products, customers - especially in the internet age where information is easy to discover? Well, it's a two-way street and if you want the candidate to join, they need to know that you are taking them seriously too.

4) Offering the job at the interview

Big mistake - certainly let them know that the interview went well and that they are definitely on the short list but always sleep on it. Depending on the seniority or significance of the job offered, we often recommend two interviews on different days with different interviewers to gain a more balanced perspective.

5) Don't bother to check their references

Some people genuinely "believe the hype" that they have created about themselves and may not turn out to be nearly as good as their polished and confident interview performance may imply! Fortunately, there are very few accomplished liars, who have the ability to pull the wool over everyone's eyes but why take the risk - it's an expensive mistake. Reference checking will usually reinforce the decision you are about to make.

6) Don't look after your own staff or environment

We all love a gossip and it's not just the newspapers who love to spread bad news! If your staff are unhappy, everyone will know about it. If your workplace is not a nice environment, everyone will know about it. With the advent of social media more people will learn about a bad reputation and the news will spread faster! Good candidates will go elsewhere.

7) Don't bother to SELL the opportunity

After all, they are looking for a job, and you have the power to award it or not, right? Wrong, in this employment climate you want the best candidates to choose you and not your competitor. So they need to know their potential career path, promotion opportunities, foreign travel, reward and bonus schemes, staff care programmes, accredited training and personal development, staff parties, fast-track opportunities, company growth plans that they can get excited about etc etc

8) Once you've offered them the job, ignore them until their start date

Surprisingly easy to do as we are all busy people. The vacancy has been filled so you can now tick that task off your list. Unfortunately for you, they may have approached other agencies in their job search. Whilst your agency is delighted that they have accepted the job, other agencies may still be sending them opportunities. If they don't think their new employer is that keen about them, they may be tempted to jump ship at the last minute.

So, invite them to the next pizza night, get their new line manager to arrange an evening in the pub so they can meet their new colleagues and then, emotionally, they will have committed to their new job.

9) Don't look after them properly in the first few months

Statistically, this is an all too prevalent mistake. Your organisation will be different from their previous company, hopefully better, but definitely different and your new recruits will be going through a period of adjustment. They may still be receiving calls offering them other jobs and perhaps the grass may appear greener elsewhere?

To lose someone in the first few months is often more expensive than not filling the vacancy in the first place - in time spent, the opportunity cost of other staff, and the wasted resource of training an individual who never became productive.

10) Don't use the wrong recruitment consultant!

Okay, so you were probably expecting this point but, fortunately, there are good recruitment agents out there - obviously including us!

However, at Jackie Kerr Recruitment, we've seen all of these problems time and time again and have come up with many proven solutions to help you interview, hire, and keep the best talent.

Are you looking to attract talented individuals who will help grow your business?

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Great article Jackie, just a shame most recruitment agencies fall in to some if not all of these categories.
Posted on Friday, October 21, 2016 11:30 by Opus Loco

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