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How to get noticed and make the most out of your LinkedIn page

Social media is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives and has now become an exciting way to help assist with your business and your professional life. LinkedIn is a way to sell your business and yourself as a professional, so it is imperative that you are using it in the right way. See some of our top tips on how to get noticed, and make the most out of LinkedIn:

1. Be the professional you

Show your personality while remaining professional. Note that ‘selfies’ or group pictures with pals may not be appropriate. Getting someone with a high quality digital camera to take some clear and professional head shots may be a more appropriate choice.

2. Create a brand                                          

You are selling yourself as a brand. Take into consideration how you will be received and what you are portraying through your profile. You need to use your profile to get noticed initially, revealing to the point information about your history and what you are now looking to do. Ensuring you capture some of your personality whilst remaining professional.

3. Pick out the best bits

Provide an outline of your career expertise, this should just portray a glimpse of your ‘proud moments’ and achievements rather than displaying your whole CV. Remember that if you are actively searching for a career move, stating what your ideal role and aspirations could get you noticed.

4. Expand your network

Joining relevant LinkedIn groups can enable you to browse through industry groups and become a part of those specialising in niche recruiting. Also following key people within your industry will uncover useful information and opportunities within your sector. You can use your offline network through connecting with family and friends, professional associates and connections of your network that will expand your reach.

5. Create a portfolio

Show examples of previous work, from individual pieces, projects or campaigns. Users are able to add URLs to their profiles. So stand out from the crowd and keep recruiters engaged with your brand.

6. Present yourself as a thought leader

Relevant industry content should be shared frequently: begin sharing content specific to your areas of expertise. Additionally, post to your main update feed and also to the groups you are a part of to produce the greatest level of exposure.

So, as you can see LinkedIn is jam-packed with countless opportunities for any career path, opening routes to create and maintain a professional relationship within your industry sector.

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