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Jackie Kerr Newsletter – May15

Welcome to our new look newsletter.  I’m tired of long email newsletters with lots of links and images in.  I simply don’t get the time to read them and I’m sure you don’t either.

Now here’s the dilemma.  In recruitment and HR there are some important updates and information you need to know so that you remain compliant with working time directives and keep on the right side of employment law.

So how do I get this information to you without using a long and dull newsletter template?

Video is the answer.  Or I thought it was until I sat down in front of the camera and realised how scary it was!!

Everyone can spare a couple of minutes to watch a short video and it means you can get up to date on the latest news and advice without the need to pick out the nuggets from a long email.  It also means that I stay on message and keep it short and to the point for you.

So sit back for a couple of minutes and have a look at our first video newsletter.

Do you value your time?

How long does it take you to recruit a candidate?  If you multiply this time with your hourly rate then the cost can get quite prohibitive.  Why not let us recruit for you, giving you back valuable time to work on your  business and quite honestly, we’ll do a better job for you, getting you better candidates and making the whole process  smoother and much more productive.

Temporary Workers

Check out more about the rights of temporary workers by clicking this link.

Jackie Kerr Recruitment Services

Our customers choose us because of our strong understanding of how business works, with a real awareness of what clients and candidates are looking for. The service is personal and bespoke to meet both our clients and candidates needs. We really care and Customers return time and again.

Covering all areas of industry, both Commercial and Industrial, we have specialist Recruitment Consultants, adding value and experience from Legal, Accountancy, Hospitality, Commercial and Engineering backgrounds.

Contact us today to discuss your recruitment needs.

Thanks for your time and I hope that you found this newsletter informative and to the point.





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