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Five Simple tips to find the quality candidates that you need

Five proven tips to find the quality candidates that you need

1) Engage in referrals from your own employees

Your employees know more people in the same industry looking for job opportunities than you would imagine. It may be from friends, educational institutions or even their family members. Have you ever tried rewarding them with a cash bonus, taken out of your marketing cost, for referring candidates to fill your job vacancies? It worked extremely well for us, try it and reap the rewards yourself.

2) Use a trusted employment agency

Contrary to common belief for many organisations that use an employment agency will not be cost effective. It will in fact save more money for your organization than doing it within your own organisation. Consider the number of hours that your Human Resource Managers spend looking through resumes to find the right candidates. The amount of money you need to spend on advertising, (recruitment agents have access to 100 of job boards) training, interviews and reference checks. Would you agree that it will be more cost effective to have your Human Resource Managers work on staff retention strategies instead?

3) Is your company contact information available
Put sufficient information of your company on your website. Qualified candidates will do research on company websites before they consider applying with a company. Are you accessible to potential candidates that can contact you if they find a suitable post? A simple action can make a big difference. If you have ever called a big organisation only to be transferred from department to department, you will understand the frustrations. Put the right contact details for candidates to get to the right department to save hassle for your potential candidates and your employees.

4) Social Media
Ever tried sourcing for candidates on social media? If you have the right social media access in place, candidates will be able to get to know you better, communicate and reach out to your organisation and job vacancies more effectively. You will also be able to view and do basic background checks on your candidates if they have the right attitude for your organisation.

5) Source for candidates in the right places
Have you tried to look for candidates in an already tight labour market shortage? Have you experienced trying too hard to fight with other organisations for staff with little or no avail? You might want to consider looking for qualified candidates from other states or overseas. Why join the crowd for the fight when you can have access to more candidates who are willing to make the move for the job opportunity.


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