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How To Defend Your Hard-Won New Employees

We were talking with a new client about new recruitment opportunities and they mentioned that last year they had hired two people who had each lasted less than a week in their organisation. Other organisations came up with a better offer and, although they had already started work at their new company, these new staff members were lured away by these competitors.

Even though a candidate has accepted a job, they may still be on the radar of the other organisations to which they had applied. Therefore, a key part of their initiation period should be to reassure them that they have made the right choice in choosing your organisation.

One way is to use the staff handbook and familiarisation material to highlight the opportunities and benefits of joining your organisation.

Traditionally, the main purpose of this period is to state clearly what is expected of the new employee and to ensure they understand and follow the processes and procedures necessary to become a model employee. However, it would be a missed opportunity if you failed to market the benefits of the new role, the opportunities for training and self-improvement, any employee benefits, any career prospects ideally with case studies and employee examples.

Finally, an invitation to join the staff social club and listing previous events such as bowling, team meals out or spouse/partner's evenings may also help to make the new employee feel at home!

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