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Britain has some seriously good dating sites. The problem is it also has a few bad dating sites as well. The key to determining which are which is tinkering with the sites and interacting with the members. The problem is that generally requires an investment on your part. You really don’t want to be putting money down on a hookup site only to find out it’s trying to either defraud you or it’s new to the game and only has a couple members. Building a solid member base is the key to legit casual hookup sites that work.

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Here is where you’ll find hookup websites for Britains that work. We’ve taken the time and put in the money so that you don’t have to. Our reviews of the casual sex sites take an often scathing look into the underbelly of adult dating scams. We wanted to find the best adult British hook up dating sites and so we developed a method for testing and rating them that I think you’ll agree is an excellent measure of features and success.

How did we test the hookup sites?

1. Or team of 6 sent out over 160 e-mails to every female member on the hookup site within a specified area. (We’re all straight). We then took a hard look at one kind of responses we got, if any.
2. We tried to find key tells in the process of determining if the responses were legit or if they were machine generated or even being sent by employees posing as members.
3. If the conversation seemed to be going well we set up a date with the girl we were talking up.
4. If she was into it, she would say yes and then we would meet.
5. If we actually met up we scored that as a win in our book. Afterall, it’s not the casual sex site’s fault if you two don’t click.

In a small minority of instances it was apparent the site was not just a rip off, but a fraud. They were employing chatbots posing as site users to rook you into paying for their premium service. In other instances we got a ton of replies but didn’t set up any dates. It seemed to us that the girl we were talking to was flirty and into us but then for whatever reason she backed off. This seemed to indicate to us that the site was using decoy members to lure you into spending money on their premium service when in fact that only had a few female members. In some instances we ran searches on their pictures and found them to be cam girls or amateur porn stars. Don’t be tricked by any of this. Too many casual sex and hookup sites are employing underhanded and downright fraudulent tactics to screw you out of your hard earned money.

The Worst British Hookup Dating Sites

These are features that we found to be common among the worst British hookup dating sites.

1. The ratio of men to women was out of balance. If a huge ratio of men to women sounds like a good thing to you then you’ve been duped. That never happens. What happens instead is that the site pays for use of images of cam girls and escorts in order to lure you into paying for their premium service and then you either get no response or the girls try to get you to pay for their time. This isn’t our thing and should not be a part of any online dating service.

2. You get no responses. The reason why you got no responses despite having sent out a hundred messages is that the site is using real pictures of Vegas hookers who have no intention of hooking up with you while you’re in London.

3. You get too many responses A couple of times we sent out a message and got a response almost immediately. At first we thought this was awesome but then realized we had been sent an automated message. The messages can at times be pretty good responding with your name and a generic reply seems to feel like a real person. But then to reply again you have to pay the membership fee and it’s all one big con. A business willing to employ such a tactic should be avoided at all costs.

4. We didn’t get laid. If you can’t get laid from the site then you’ve wasted your money since that’s what you’re there for.

5. The ladies offered to have sex with us, but for money. Some of these sites are just fronts for escorts services which is ok for some dudes but we were paying for a hookup site. If we wanted an escort service we would have called an escort service.

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